Human intelligence - system update

Greater balance in your multidimensional abilities

Here’s my quick take on the situ.

Our so called democracies and governments in the west (G7) have been hijacked by gangsters, who don't have the people’s interests at heart.

In fact they don't hesitate to murder their own people just for propaganda reasons, serving religious fanatics and/or enrich groups of oligarchs with psychopathic agenda's for end-times of humanity by financing both sides of wars.

This is what we have learned about secret societies, first since JFK was murdered, and then again when 9/11 happened and the nuclear terror attack on Fukushima since then.

Yes, there is a coronavirus that kills some people, but this just used to be known as the common flew which never lead to this crazy fear based draconian responses to stifle economies, lockdown communities and alienate our children. The 'so called' pandemic is now provably a lie...

There's no proof a virus exists, it was never isolated in a laboratory, yet governments are ‘vaccinating’ people with experimental medical procedures that are normally prohibited by their own rules.

With the people being apathetic and conformance, the only institution that can now actually do something about the situation is the army and the intelligence organisations.

Easier than that, as an 8 billion strong community we - The People - should just start ignoring government institutions completely as if they never existed in the first place.