Mass disruption ahead

The collapse of old thinking

There is enormous opportunity for positive and rapid transformation across three MASSIVE sectors, that are NOW at the precipice of a cataclysmic fall from grace, if they ever had any…

  1. Education

  2. Healthcare

  3. Government

These authoritarian institutions have over decades, stealthily been infiltrated by criminals, hypocrites and under-performers and are woefully dysfunctional, organised for the past, out of touch with society, intrinsically corrupted and last but not least, taking the spirit out of our children.

The solutions to fix these sectors are neither difficult nor complex, but old belief systems have indoctrinated and conditioned the people to resist change, shy away from dissent as if having a different opinion is unsafe.

Arguably, the most experienced people in any industry, are often the most deeply indoctrinated and hold the most entrenched old belief systems, stifling true innovation, creativity and change because they are constrained by the walls of the bubbles they always operated in.

Fortunately there is a growing tribe of great people, who are conscious, open minded, creative and caring enough to start seeing and learning that there actually is another way…

Intuitively I am confident the solutions are #simple. They always are.

Are you with me?