The Sunrise Spirit

Tuning in to the magic of the universe

There are different ways to start One’s Day.

One is to adopt the daily habit to honour and celebrate the Sunrise and practice a moment of gratitude for the daily re-birth of life, awakening us to new opportunities to explore the world, meet new people and serve others with the purest consciousness of love and light.

Every day we accrue more insights and feelings and we never grow to become less wise. We never have to second guess the Sun, it shows up on time without fail and we know that too much exposure can burn or blind us.

The Sun teaches also about the impermanence of life and our need to master the art of letting go of attachments because One day we know we have to.

With every rise and fall, we magnetically attract what is meant to be for us and we intuitively know some things or people we have to let go, and that’s exactly how it should be.

Here’s to Sunrises, that many more good souls start their days wisely and wake up properly, with a glass of bubbles and a moment to celebrate and smile to the magic in this Universe we all share together.

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