Time to fly!

Humanity escapes its cocoon, finally…

Scientists debate whether humans have walked the earth in this spec for 100 or 200,000. Years, but it’s irrelevant really. We think we know a lot, but we barely are scratching the surface…

People who assume any level of authority, power or wealth will be exposed as just another caterpillar amongst all caterpillars, constrained by it’s own cocoon, I don’t care how big their ego thinks it is. Nobody is like god, because a single god can’t exist. To the contrary, 8 billion people have the superior equal capacity to be godly, they have just chosen not to shine a light on their true inner power…

Whilst we’ve shared the same cocoons, believing we needed governments, religions and banks, we get to watch flowers, birds and fish live intelligently and freely without much constraints. Like no caterpillar truly experiences flight, before it escapes their cocoon and similarly no human will ever be free, if they cannot master the art of letting go of old beliefs. We all have childhood programming to overcome, and every child chooses their own time to raise their vibration with confidence, to experience their potential.

All I can really add, is that we are just about to all ascend to a higher level together, an expanded dimension of consciousness which previously only a few bright souls had ever been exposed to.

We will learn very uncomfortable truths and our most tightly held beliefs will be shaken to the core and many will pay a high price, materially, emotionally and spiritually.

The good news is, that once we transcend the old, sick paradigms and corrupt societal constructs, there is a new land where our children will experience unimaginable freedoms, creativity and sustainable prosperity on an equal footing, the way it was always intended.

Please be kind and support each other, and enjoy the bumpy ride without fear.

Loss simply isn’t.