Why career slashers are smarter

The ultimate hedge against toxic workplaces

What is a “Career Slasher” in the first place?

A slasher is a modern style worker who has multiple jobs continuously - split either by days or by hours - varied across sometimes radically different industries. Slashers are highly courageous people who dare to go against the flow and do things differently from everyone else. Where it appears more difficult to manage and provide less security, we believe it is the ultimate hedge against toxicity which is now commonplace in ALL traditional workplaces that are still organised for the past, in dominance hierarchies.

The “slashing” trend is definitely shaking up the professional world and it changes our personal relationship to work and seems to have appeared out of nothing but amplified since the world changed beginning 2020.

Just look at airline pilots in 2020, some turned truck drivers other became cash out workers, just to stay sane and earn at least a basic income.

It’s very rewarding to work on your own terms and support your Multi-Dimensional Intelligence and capacities as well when you can be a Personal Trainer in the morning, a Support Worker during the day and a Sales Consultant at night and a Rideshare driver for any hours in between.